1. What makes teaching different with Custom Music Lessons?
    Firstly, we don’t all teach downtown under one roof any more. Now, as a group of teachers we are all spread out all over the city teaching from our own places so our students can be closer to us. We also travel to students’ homes for in-home lessons.

    Secondly, teachers have total say in their scheduling, number of students, kind of students etc so our studio is the most geared toward teachers. Teachers are the bosses here.
  2. Is the company seeking only classically trained musicians?
    No. Being classically trained does not hurt but many of our teachers come from popular and modern music backgrounds.  With our guitar students, many of them don’t want to read music so teachers for guitar especially do not need to read.
  3. Does the company have a certain teaching philosophy?
    The main philosophy is to teach the students what they want stylistically etc and to have fun with the students. If they students have fun learning the music and songs they like, the do much better and they practice.
  4. Can teachers get help with orientations to get ready to teach?
    Yes. We do this regularly and we stay in close contact with teachers for their first few weeks of teaching until they feel comfortable.
  5. How well does Custom Music Lessons pay their teachers?
    Compared to other studios, Custom Music Lessons pays higher, sometimes much higher teaching fees than other studios and teachers have a say in how much they are paid.
  6. Do we have to collect money from students or try to bring on students?
    No. Besides teaching, teachers only have to agree on lesson times with students. Everything else is done by the office.

    Many teachers do bring on students and teachers are paid a $50.00 finder’s fee for each student they bring on, even if these students take lessons from another teacher at Custom Music Lessons.
  7. How do teachers get paid?
    At the end of each month, teachers submit lesson logs in a very easy format and simply e-mail them to Custom Music. Then, cheques go out.
  8. Can teachers move up to full time teaching?
    Yes they can. Generally most teachers teaching a full schedule might teach 30 or so hours a week.
  9. What happens if a teacher or student has to miss a lesson on the Custom Music lessons’ calendar/schedule?
    Teachers and students are asked to give each other at least a day’s notice and then they do makeup lessons to cover any missed lessons. They can also add on makeup lesson time to existing lessons. We ask that teachers and students keep track of missed and made-up lesson time. Teachers add this makeup time to their lesson logs so they get paid for this teaching time.
  10. Is there anything to help teachers financially get through summers when most students are off for summer holidays?
    Yes. We have summer loan programs with no interest that help teachers enjoy their summers, practice and not have to worry about having no students.
  11. What are the most important attributes of teachers who work with Custom Music Lessons?
    In order, they are a gentle, easy-going personality that works well with students, flexibility to work with different musical styles and on different goals with students and of course musical skill.
  12. What if a teacher feels a certain student does not work well with the teacher?
    The teacher simply passes them back to the office where they are reassigned to another teacher.
  13. Why do teachers only teach from their own studios/home studios or travel to students for lessons?
    We are trying to offer many different options for students who don’t want to travel far for lessons.  Most of Custom Music Lessons’ students live in the suburbs and don’t want to come downtown for lessons any more, the way they did when Arcade Music Store was alive.
  14. Is there room to move up in the Custom Music Lessons’ organization?
    Yes there is. We are always looking for people to do different things in the organization to help besides teaching.
  15. Why does Custom Music Lessons like to start a teacher with only a few students to start with?
    Custom Music Lessons likes to see how a teacher works with students and how teachers like teaching with Custom Music lessons before increasing teachers’ student load.
  16. How long would it take a teacher to build up to a full load of students with Custom Music lessons?
    Depending on the time of the year, it takes 3 to 8 months to build a teacher’s load of students up to a nice schedule.
  17. How long do most teachers stay with Custom Music lessons?
    Most teachers are with Custom Music lessons for 5 or 10 years or longer because they like working with us. We don’t have a high turnover like many studios have.
  18. How does a teacher know if they are a good fit for Custom Music lessons?
    If someone is a nice person, is good working with others and really cares about being a mentor to students, they are generally a good fit with Custom Music Lessons.
  19. Can teachers do meet and greets with students and do they get paid for them.
    Teachers are encourages to do “Meet and greets” with students as this greatly helps bring students on for lessons but teachers do not get paid for these, typically. Teachers do get paid for “trial” lessons though.