Winnipeg Teachers

Mike D.
Mike has been playing guitar for nearly 40 years. He has a passion for music and has played with a few local bands. While he doesn't teach full-time, he does have a passion for teaching and is hoping to move into the field full-time in the near future. He mostly travels to teach in his students' homes.

Dustin C.
Dustin is a travel teacher covering the south-east area of Winnipeg. He has over 25 years of experience playing lead and rhythm guitar, specializing in blues and rock. He holds a degree in Recording Engineering from Winnipeg Musicians College, and has taken courses in ear training, theory, musical analysis and creative songwriting, and has produced numerous CDs for local Winnipeg artists. He is adaptable, able to teaching a variety of styles to suit each students’ individuality and works equally well with both children and adults. He is able to explain musical theory in a way that makes it easy to understand. Dustin has been with Custom Music Lessons for eight years.

Jenelle S.
Jenelle has a diverse musical background, having started with private classical piano and contemporary voice lessons at a young age. Over the years she has gained experience playing with several groups and bands through her former youth group, various churches, fundraisers, wedding and events across Winnipeg. Having studied for two years in the Jazz Studies program at the University of Manitoba, she has further developed both her own musical skills and teaching abilities. Her well-rounded education and experience translates to music both visually (by reading music) and aurally (by transcription) and allows for lessons that are custom-fit for each individual's musical interests.

Brad W.
Brad is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who began his musical studies with guitar at the young age of 10. A music enthusiast, his journey in learning new instruments is endless. Knowledgeable in musical theory as well as well-rounded stylistically, his teaching philosophy and mission statement is “ provide personalized guitar lessons that help individual students’ meet their musical goals.” With this in mind, he customizes his curriculum to each students’ personal learning style. Because of his diverse background he is able to teach students of all ages and all skill levels. He teaches from his home studio as well as providing in-home lessons throughout Winnipeg’s west end. When not teaching or playing the guitar, he can be found drinking coffee and reading a good book, or watching a movie with his wife. He has been teaching professionally for four years and joined the CML family in January 2014. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Music.

Jasmin G.
Jasmin is a piano teacher from Winnipeg who enjoys mentoring young beginner and early intermediate students at her home studio. She has been classically trained for thirteen years and loves discovering new composers. In addition to learning and teaching the Royal Conservatory repertoire, she loves dabbling in jazz pieces and popular selections from movies, plays and radio-hits. She believes that students can make the most out of their musical education through not only learning new pieces, but also by developing strong sight reading and ear training skills. She is keen on incorporating fun exercises and games in her lessons and encourages students to bring pieces that they would like to learn in class. Jasmin is currently undertaking Grade Ten RCM Piano and has recently completed and passed her ARCT Elementary Piano Pedagogy written exam. She joined the CML family in September 2013.

Yaroslava S.
Yaroslava is a violin and piano teacher that mainly teaches from her home studio in the Charleswood area. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, she started her musical training at the age of six and has studied with various internationally-recognized musicians from all over the world. She enjoys working with students of all ages and believes that finding a way to nurture confidence in a student is crucial. Because of this, she uses an individualized approach tailored to each student’s needs. Yaroslava holds a Master’s Degree with Honours in Music from the Tchaikovsky Music National Academy of Ukraine, Postgraduate Diplomas from Menuhin International Music Academy in Switzerland, Queen Sofia High Music School and Royal Music Conservatory in Madrid, Spain. She has an extensive career as a soloist and is also a prize winner at national and international competitions. “I am very happy to see my students progressing and keeping their interest and love for music is key, no matter what,” she says. Fluent in four languages, she teaches in English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Brett C.
Brett has been playing the guitar for over 10 years and has been teaching for the past 4. He has achieved a Grade 6 level performance diploma through the London College of Music and is currently studying for the Grade 8 examination. A passionate lover of all types of music, Brett is well versed in teaching many styles. His lessons can cover everything from Modern Pop Music, Improvisational Playing, Classical Guitar, technique building exercises, Metal Riffing, songwriting, and many other offerings that can help ensure that his students can enjoy both playing and practicing (yes, there is a difference between the two!) Brett is also a soon-to-be Law student at the University of Manitoba, and can often be found reading and studying when he isn’t playing or teaching the guitar. So, whether you want to learn how to play the hottest new song on the radio or turn the amp up to 11 and work your way through a Megadeth track, Brett can help you to achieve all of your musical goals!