Regina Teachers

Dallas S.
Dallas is a travel guitar teacher covering all areas of Regina. A former student of Custom Music Lessons, this student-turned-teacher has been playing guitar for nearly 10 years and specializes in all genres of music. When he’s not rocking a venue, he welcomes students of all ages and skill levels and enjoys helping them learn to play at their highest potential. “Guitar is my passion,” he says, “and teaching it has given me a new joy and perspective.”

Stephen V.
Stephen is a drum teacher who started playing at the age of 10. He enjoys working with individuals of all ages and has a love for passing on musical knowledge. Stephen has experience playing with numerous bands for enjoyment and is open to all styles of music. Whether hard rock, jazz, soul, funk or hip-hop, Stephen has moulded his own personal style of drumming to incorporate a large number of genres and does his best to teach his students whichever style they desire. Along with focusing on the technical and theoretical side of drumming, Stephen strongly emphasizes the fundamentals of feeling the music, by playing with a concentrated mind while keeping a relaxed body. His goal is to create an atmosphere of pure enjoyment and love for music.

Emma K.
Emma is a flute, piano and music theory teacher in Regina. She lives in the Cathedral area and will teach flute and theory from her home, or travel to the students home for piano and other music lessons. She is currently studying music education at the University of Regina. Emma believes learning music should be fun as well as focused on skill building, so her lessons consist of half classical music and technique, and half music the student chooses. She has a wide selection of both flute and piano music to choose from, and the resources to find any selection of music that she may not have. Emma has 15 years of musical training behind her and greatly enjoys teaching.

Jim M.
Jim offers lessons from his home in East Regina. A versatile musician, he teaches electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar and banjo. With over 50 years of experience, he understands the importance of fundamentals and works to ensure his students become well-rounded musicians. His convenient location means he is about five minutes by car from most major areas of the city.

Samantha L.
Samantha is a travel piano teacher who covers the south end of Regina. She has a focus on teaching the fundamentals to beginner students. Sam holds her Grade 8 RCM in Piano and her Grade 2 RCM in Theory Rudiments. In addition to her RCM credentials, she is also a graduate of the University of Ottawa where she majored in Criminology and minored in Music. She joined the CML family in July 2015.