Edmonton Teachers

John C.
John is a former school teacher and coach of 31 years, as well as a singer/songwriter who frequents open stage jam sessions. He teaches harmonica, guitar, bass, vocals, banjo and ukulele. His specialty is individualization – he designs lessons to meet an individual’s needs and desires. He loves to teach his students to play along with other instruments and CDs, using these “jam sessions” to develop confidence and fluency in techniques such as timing, listening and improvisation. “Music is all about having fun and developing at one’s own pace,” he says. Located just 12 minutes from Sherwood Park, his past students have chosen to forgo travel lessons to take advantage of the many tools and instruments John has available to him at his home recording studio in Bonnie Doon.

Marion M.
Marion has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. She started piano training at age five and progressed to Grade 10 Royal Conservatory. She teaches children and adults from her home studio in the U of A area and can travel to the student’s location. Marion excels at customizing the lessons to suit the student’s pace. She enjoys making learning music fun! She also has an extensive singing background, especially in harmony. She has sung with many Edmonton choirs including University of Alberta’s Madrigal Singers, and Da Camera Singers, and was a vocal coach for Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus. She was a founding member and co-manager of The CHICKAdivas, a five-woman a cappella ensemble. They recorded two CDs, and performed regularly in Edmonton and area for nine years. She now sings with Joy Spring Jazz. She enjoys helping build a student’s confidence and she hopes to pass on her love of music through teaching.

Randy B.
Randy is a travel teacher covering the NW area of Edmonton as well as St. Albert. Although his main instrument is guitar, he also teaches bass, drums, ukulele, mandolin, keyboards and voice. He has an extensive background in music, having grown up in a family of five, four of whom play multiple instruments. Beginning at the age of 7, he learned to play his favourite songs by ear, eventually taking lessons from three different teachers to hone his craft even further. Able to teach all genres of music to all levels of students, beginner to advanced, his focus is on teaching a wide variety of musical aspects including theory, ability, improvising, transcribing, writing, recording and performing. Some of his past students have performed in various bands, talent shows and competitions, including tryouts for Canadian Idol and Northern Star. He also has a career in music, having jammed with several local bands and musicians including Roxx Wylde, Matt Landry and Over Thirty. His first solo album, “Dangerous”, was released in 2007, and he is currently working on a second album called “Into the Fire.” He has been a musician for 37 years.

Thomas M.
Thomas is a travel teacher covering Edmonton's northwest, southeast and west sides. Having been deeply interested and dedicated to performing and learning music since the age of 11, he is his family's only musical member. He got his start in the musical world with piano lessons at the age of nine, but taught himself guitar. He has played with rock bands in Toronto, has opened for “The Association”, “Lee Aaron” and “Ronnie Hawkins”. His main love has always been progressive rock, which combines rock, classical and many other styles of music. Usually having been the lead guitarist in past bands, Thomas has vast experience in improvisation and excels at teaching his students this technique. He teaches students of all ages in such genres as rock, country and early (pre-classical) music. In 2001, he discovered renaissance and baroque lute, which quickly became his instrument of choice. He has released an album entitled “Old Folk Songs...Very Old” which has seen airplay on CKUA radio.

Heather M.
Heather has been teaching for 20 years from her west end Edmonton studio, including three years for Custom Music. She enjoys playing and teaching guitar (classical and acoustic), ukulele, and piano/keyboards (popular and classical). Heather believes that learning to play a musical instrument is a gift we give to ourselves, and we learn confidence, coordination and concentration, skills that are beneficial at any age. But mostly we have lots of fun and a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. She welcomes students of all ages but especially enjoys mature students and seniors. It’s never too late to learn to play and sing your favourite songs!

Eli B.
Eli is one of our most popular guitar teachers and has been with us since 2007. He specializes in all kinds of contemporary music, including blues, rock, country, pop etc. and teaches all ages from beginners to advanced. Eli is a travel teacher so he teaches lessons in students’ homes in north Edmonton and St Albert areas.

Conrad K.
Conrad enjoys teaching beginner guitar and has been trained through Custom Music Lessons for 6 years. He is in St Albert and he also travels to students’ homes in NW Edmonton and St. Albert to give lessons.

Yolanda N.
Yolanda teaches piano from beginner to intermediate levels and has her grade 10 RCM. She has taught for about 10 years. She is in Capilano and also travels to south side students’ homes to teach piano lessons.

Oria S.
Oria teaches piano and has taken lessons since the age of 3. She holds her Grade 10 RCM in piano and Grade 3 RCM in harmony. She teaches beginner to intermediate students. She is in NW Edmonton and also travels to north Edmonton areas to give piano lessons at students’ homes.

Kyle K.
Kyle teaches guitar, bass and drums to beginner to intermediate students. He has a good ear and is very versatile, playing and teaching most styles of music. Kyle is a north side teacher who also travels to north end students for lessons in their homes.

Jeffrey S.
Jeffrey teaches drums on the south side of Edmonton and he also travels to give in-home lessons to south Edmonton students. He has about 15 years experience as a drummer and has played in many bands. He teaches all styles from contemporary music to jazz and has won awards for his drumming.

Beth B.
Beth is a Millwoods-area piano teacher and has her Grade 10 RCM and advanced harmony training. She likes to teach students whatever they want to learn. Beth also travels to students’ homes to teach piano in south Edmonton.