Calgary Teachers

Steve has been a musician and vocalist for 40 years, and has played on local television and radio, on cruise ships, and in Mexico. His specialty is versatility – he teaches rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums and vocals from his home in Northwest Calgary. Steve loves to teach students all of their favourite songs, helping them to train their ear to play directly from CD rather than relying on books and internet tabs. He also teaches improvisation, and how to have fun just jamming it up with friends. His sense of humour, warm personality and easy-going nature make his students feel comfortable and makes learning more enjoyable.

Toshi has been a voice and piano teacher for 20 years and teaches from her home in South East Calgary. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she received her Bachelors and Masters of Arts Degrees in Music from California State University at Los Angeles. She has worked her way up in the entertainment industry performing in commercials such as the Michael Jackson Pepsi endorsement and cameo roles in television. She came to Calgary, Alberta in January 1988, performing in a Vegas-style show. Toshi also worked at Motown Records in Los Angeles under the apprenticeship of the late Hal Davis. She devotes herself fully to her individual students, believing that each one is unique. “I get so much joy in seeing changes in my students as they grow and develop confidence and creativity,” she says. She has won the "Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award" of 2011 and received her Canadian Citizenship as of January 12, 2012.

Trevor is a piano teacher who teaches from his home studio in Edgemont, as well as travels to students' homes. He has been playing piano for over 10 years and holds his Grade 10 RCM in piano and Harmony 4 Theory. With his patient, easy-going and friendly personality, he is able to connect with both beginner and intermediate students alike. He believes that good technique and fundamentals are important so he strives to introduce these concepts in ways that are interesting and fun. Trevor believes in allowing students to explore their own passion and creativity, and he structures his lessons with this goal in mind.

Braden has been a travel guitar, ukulele and bass teacher with CML for the past 7 years. He specializes in rock, pop and contemporary music and plays professionally in 2 bands. He has a great ear and can teach any music after one listen on the spot. He teaches beginners to advanced students of all ages.

Leah has over 20 years of teaching voice professionally and also teaches beginner piano. She specializes in teaching all styles of music whether it’s just for fun or whether it’s for serious classical training. Leah travels to students’ homes and also hosts students in the Killarney/Richmond central area.

Don is a piano teacher in the NW Ranchlands area and he hosts students and also travels to students’ NW homes. He has his associate in piano performance, bachelor’s degree in music and 25 years of teaching experience in all kinds of music. He prides himself in tailoring his approach to students’ needs. Don has a great ear as well and teaches beginners to advanced students.

Suzy teaches piano in the SE area of Acadia. With her grade 10 RCM piano and Bachelor of Arts’ Major in music, she teaches beginner to advanced students. She has taught for over ten years and is very flexible to teach what students want to learn.

Matthew is a travel guitar teacher and also hosts students in the NE Castleridge area. He specializes in soft and hard rock and plays professionally in a band. He specializes in teaching students anything they want to learn.

Macy is a travel guitar and voice teacher in NW Calgary. She specializes in country, folk and pop and plays and records professionally. She has formal training and has performed for over 20 years.

William has been a musician for over 45 years and plays and teaches guitar, bass and piano. He plays those instruments at a professional level and also plays other instruments such as keyboards, sax, trumpet, clarinet, cornet, flute, banjo, harmonica, mandolin and gu-zheng. He specializes in teaching any kind of music and travels to students’ homes and also hosts them in the NE Castleridge area.